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Fig. 3. Increased amplitude of SWR coordinated RSC delta oscillation in AD mice. (A) Grand average of raw delta trace around SWRs. Shaded area indicates SEM of averaged delta wave. Note that, both HPC (top panel) and RSC (bottom panel) show the negative and positive peaks before and after the SWR trough respectively. (B) Amplitude (negative peak to positive peak) of SWR related delta oscillation is higher in TG mice in both HPC and RSC (***p<0.001, Mann-Whitney test, **p<0.05, Student’s t-test). (C) Duration (from negative peak to positive peak) of delta wave is significantly increased at the RSC of TG mice **p<0.05, Student’s t-test). (D) HPC (left panel) show negative correlation with freezing level in context recall session, although TG only shows marginal p-value (WT: *p<0.05, TG: p=0.08, Pearson’s correlation). Only TG mice showed significant correlation between RSC delta power (middle panel) and recall freezing level (WT: p=0.573, TG: *p<0.05, Pearson’s correlation). Delta amplitude of HPC and RSC closely associated regardless of genotype (right panel, WT: *p<0.05, TG: **p<0.01, Pearson’s correlation).
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