Demographic and clinical characteristics between male patients with alcohol-dependence (ADPs) and male healthy controls (HCs)

Alcohol-depent patients (n=15) Healthy controls (n=15) p-value
Mean are (years) 47.53±6.51 47.60±3.91 p=0.902*
Gender (male/female) 15/0 15/0 p=1.000**
Handedness (right: left: mixed) 15:0:0 15:0:0 p=1.000**
Education (years) 12.27±2.71 14.53±2.20 p=0.023*
Duration of smoking (years) 26.87±9.25 16.87±12.69 p=0.015*
Clinical rating scales
Duration of drinking per week (days) 4.73±2.05 1.57±1.79 p<0.000*
BMAST 22.27±5.36 2.07±3.59 p<0.000*
AUDIT-K 31.47±7.17 11.87±6.83 p<0.000*

*Mann-Whitney U-test. **Chi square test.

AUDIT-K: Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test-Korea, BMAST: Brief Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test.

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