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Fig. 2. IKL shorten EPSPs in afferent dendrites. (A) EPSP waveform parameters were monitored (1 µM TTX) before, during and after blocking IKL with 4 mM 4-AP. 10~90% EPSP rise time (rise), EPSP decay time constant (τdecay) and EPSP amplitude. Resting membrane potential before, during and after 4-AP application was -52.4 mV, -52.2 mV and -52.3 mV, respectively. (B) normalized average EPSP waveforms before and after block of IKL with 4-AP for experiment in A. control: τdecay=3.39 ms (black, average of 138 EPSPs), in 4 mM 4-AP: τdecay=4.46 ms (green, average of 43 EPSPs). (C) Summarized results for 6 recordings. *Significant difference between control vs. 4-AP.
Exp Neurobiol 2022;31:243~259
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