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Fig. 5. Suppression of s6k in the hippocampus of animals treated with LPS peritoneal infusion was prevented by icv infusion of 3MA. The expression of (A) p-P85s6k (85 kDa; phosphorylated nuclear isoform), (B) p85s6k (nuclear isoform), (C) the p-p85s6k/p85s6k ratio, (D) p-P70s6k (70 kDa; phosphorylated cytoplasmic isoform), (E) p70s6k (cytoplasmic isoform), and (F) the p-p75s6k/p75s6k ratio in the hippocampus. Values are the mean SEM, n=10 to 12 animals per experimental group. **p<0.01 in the post hoc Tukey’s multiple range tests. Sal: saline infusion, LPS: LPS (IP) with saline (icv) infusion, LPS+3MA: LPS (IP) with 3MA (icv).
Exp Neurobiol 2022;31:307~323
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