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Fig. 9. The p-s6k signal was primarily in hippocampal neurons, and some SOX2+-p-s6k+ cells were in the dentate gyrus. Representative immunofluorescence images showing (A) SOX2+ (red)-p-s6k+ (green) and (B) SOX2+-p-s6k+ (green) in the hippocampus in the Sal, LPS, or LPS+3MA groups. DAPI (blue) was used to identify the nuclei. Sal: saline infusion, LPS: LPS peritoneal infusion (IP) with saline icv infusion, LPS+3MA: LPS (IP) with 3MA (icv). icv: intracerebroventricular infusion. 3MA: 3-Methyladenine. SOX2: SRY-box Transcription Factor 2. Scale bar: 20 ┬Ám. Yellow arrowhead: double-labeled cells.
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