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Fig. 10. The LPS-increased SOX2 signal colocalized with astrocytes in the hippocampus and was prevented by icv infusion of 3MA. Representative immunofluorescence images showing the SOX2 signal (green) colocalized with S100β in the hippocampus in the Sal, LPS, or LPS+3MA groups. DAPI (blue) was used to identify the nuclei. Sal: saline infusion, LPS: LPS peritoneal infusion (IP) with saline icv infusion, LPS+3MA: LPS (IP) with 3MA (icv). icv: intracerebroventricular infusion. 3MA: 3-Methyladenine. SOX2: SRY-Box Transcription Factor 2. Scale bar: 20 µm. Yellow arrowhead: SOX2-S100β double-labeled cells.
Exp Neurobiol 2022;31:307~323
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