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Fig. 2. Performance of wild-type (WT) and Fkbp5-knockout (KO) mice in the novel object recognition task. (A) A novel object recognition task with a 3-hour delay between the familiarization and test phases was conducted one hour after uncontrollable stress induction. Time spent exploring two identical objects during the familiarization phase (left) and 3 h later, one previously explored object (F) and one novel object (N) during the test phase (right). *, exploring the novel object significantly more (p<0.05). (B) Preference for the novel object during the test phase (30-second exploration time). ns, not significant (between-group difference in non-stressed conditions); *, The KO mice exhibited a higher preference for a novel object than the WT mice (p<0.05). WT no stress (n=8), WT stress (n=8), KO no stress (n=8), KO stress (n=12).
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