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Fig. 4. Secondary structure of first intracellular loop of ANO2 isoforms. (A) The truncated transmembrane topology of ANO2. The orange indicates the position of alternative splicing sites encoded by ano2 exon14 in the first intracellular loop. (B) Alignments of amino acid sequences of ANO2 isoforms 1 and 2 with cDNA/RNA sequence of ANO2. The orange box indicates exon 14 that encodes 479ERSQ. (C) The dimer structure of isoform 1. The putative calcium-binding site is located in the transmembrane domains α6~8. The pair of calcium ions positioned at the calcium bind site is depicted as red. (D) The structure of the sequence in the presence of 479ERSQ. Residues of 479ERSQ are exhibited in orange. The carbon atoms are shown in yellow, oxygen atoms are in magenta, and nitrogen atoms are in blue. The E477 was in green. (E) The dimer structure of isoform 2. (F) The structure of the sequence in the absence of 479ERSQ. The orientation of E477 (in green) is altered when 479ERSQ is absent (right).
Exp Neurobiol 2023;32:133~146
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