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Fig. 3. Psen2 N141I mutation decreases robustness of circadian oscillation in primary astrocytes. (A) Analyses of REV-ERBĪ± protein levels by western blotting in primary astrocytes (n=3). Signals on western blots were normalized to those of ACTB. (B) Representative bioluminescence recording of rhythmic Per2::Luc expressed astrocytes. Primary astrocytes were isolated from Per2::Luc;Psen2+/+ (WT) or Per2::Luc;Psen2N141I/+ mice (KI/+) and exposed to DEX (100 nM) for 2 h, followed by measurement of luciferase bioluminescence every 10 min (measurement for 60 sec and interval for 600 sec) over 4 days. (C) Circadian period and amplitude were analyzed (n=7). Data are meanĀ±SEM. ##p<0.01 for indicated comparisons.
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