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Fig. 1. Flowchart of brain structural network construction based on whole-brain white matter tractography. (A) Diffusion tenser image. (B) Whole-brain tractography performed 1000 times using random parameters. (C) High-resolution T1-MPRAGE. (D) Cortical parcellation of functionally defined 400 cortical regions of interest (ROI) using the Schaefer Atlas. (E) Brain structural network consisting of 400 cortical ROIs (nodes) and fiber counts (edges). (F) Adjacency matrix generated from the structural network of the brain. Vis, visual network; SomMot, somato-motor network; DorsAttn, dorsal attention network; SalVentAttn, salience ventral attention network; Limbic, limbic network; Cont, control network; Default, default mode network; LH, left hemisphere; RH, right hemisphere.
Exp Neurobiol 2023;32:362~369
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